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Image: Action Institute

When the Market Meets Morality In this excerpt from a captivating plenary address at Acton University on June 21, 2019, Rev. Robert A. Sirico harks back to his youth, when as an active socialist in the 1970s, a debate with a Conservative friend changed his world view. Image: Acton Institute

The Lumen Action, par excellence: Being Joyful!

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Holy Week: What Christians need to Know

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Fraternity lunch with the homeless today. Another amazing joyful moment!

Dear All, Today, Ethan, Michael, JP, Rick, and the two of us met at Penn Station for Lunch. We met there Baron, who was after a cigarette and ended-up participating in a joyful lunch, Jeffrey who is always smiling and “loves this world”, Dominic, who was visibly very hungry, and very grateful for the lunch…
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Wrap-up of a very successful Catholic Men’s Conference, Chicago, sponsored by Lumen and RC

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A great time at Penn Station

7 of us, Paul, Whitney, Zeke, Rick, Arnaud, Derek and Pierre met at 11:30. We walked around the station and met Michael, Jehovah, Marie, Mildred, and Lamar. We invited them for a lunch in the station’s food hall, where we enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. It took time for Michael to feel comfortable…
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Lumen couples renewing the marriage vows

Held in WDC on March 5th, 2019

Sharing the Treasure of God’s Faith

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Pathways to a Deeper Friendship with Jesus

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All Saints Day

The Church gives us today the “Beatitudes” as an explanation of our celebration of All Saints Day. This is good, because the beatitudes present us with such a kaleidoscopic vision of what it means to be a saint: saints can be poor in spirit, or rich in persecution, meek and humble, or zealous fighters for…
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