A Catholic Organization for Business & Societal Leaders

Who seek personal development to reflect the light of Christ in today’s world

Our Story

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The Beginning

Lumen was founded in 2005 by a group of New York business leaders and Legionaries of Christ priests. Together, they responded to a critical need for faith-based formation for business and cultural leaders, seeking to enhance their character, faith, and leadership skills through personalized and tailored formation, guided training, and education.

The Mission

To form Christian leaders illuminating society with the light of Christ.


Today, Lumen has expanded into several chapters across the United States and is beginning to expand internationally as well.

Our Core Values

Lumen enhances the character, faith, and leadership skills of today’s business and cultural leaders through personalized formation, guided training, and education


Sound judgement in determining actions

A strong commitment to overcoming all obstacles

Giving God and others their dues through work and deed

Controlling one’s passions amid personal drive and success


Actively living one’s faith in thought, word and action

Regarding communication with God, humbly seeking His will and friendship

Maximizing personal and professional resources entrusted by God

A willingness to place trust in the hand of Providence


The pursuit of distinction in business, family and community life

Consistency in what one professes to be and how one lives

Serving others by putting their needs first

Moving others to think and act virtuously through conscientious effort

Bob Dill

Lumen Institute Managing Director

CEO of Hisco, Inc

Guided by Leaders of Industry and Culture

From the Lumen Board to its national leadership, chapter leadership and its members, you’re surrounded by excellence.

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Chapters Across the Country

Chapters in states across the country and growing

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  • Washington D.C.

  • Florida

  • Georgia

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Lumen Membership

For business and societal leaders


Lumen offers benefits for all areas of life. From 1:1 spiritual coaching, inclusive networking, and annual retreats to monthly leadership circles with peers to various resources, events, and formation for your family and the local community.


Lumen invites prospective members to join who are recognized leaders in their field, who identify with the mission of Lumen, desire to avail themselves of Lumen’s resources, and who have the financial capacity for membership dues.


Since the Lumen Institute seeks members with the fitting position, motivations, and goals, we have a multi-step process for membership. It involves showing initial interest, attending Lumen events, obtaining sponsorship by existing members, and finally an application if it’s the right fit on both ends.

Lumen Fellows Program

For those on the path to becoming business and societal Leaders

The Lumen Fellowship Program is sponsored by the Lumen Institute, which gives highly personalized formation to up-and-coming business leaders. Its mission is to extend this Christian leadership formation to a select group of young professionals in order to help them be Christ-like in their leadership and to transform culture.


The Lumen Fellowship Program provides access to member resources, events, networking opportunities with members, a mentor, spiritual coaching, and opportunities to build relationships with fellow Lumen Fellows.


The Lumen Fellowship Program is directed toward working young professionals who own their own business or are in a position of management, as well as those who demonstrate significant leadership potential. Candidates should aspire to the ideals of the organization and commit to regular attendance.


The Lumen Fellowship process is similar to that of members. It involves showing initial interest, attending Lumen events, obtaining sponsorship by existing members or fellows, and finally an application if it’s the right fit on both ends.

“Until finding Lumen, I was largely alone in navigating how to be a virtuous leader in business. It wasn’t until I was surrounded by peers who have been in my shoes that I could see how my faith, professional, and personal life can fit harmoniously together for the good of all those around me. Having spiritual coaches, brothers, and sisters to walk with me on this journey makes all the difference.”

Michael Lyons

CEO of Global Petals & Founder of [Y] Impact Ventures

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