Catholic Brotherhood for Executives

To form Christian leaders illuminating society with the light of Christ

What is the Lumen Institute?

Lumen is a Catholic organization for business and societal leaders who seek personal development in character, faith, and leadership in order to reflect the light (lumen) of Christ in today’s world.

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  • Personal & Professional Growth

Character Development

Our members seek to become the best version of themselves in the light of Christ. Lumen’s character development is driven by its 12 Core Values.

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  • Relationship with Christ

Spiritual Formation

Lumen takes a personalized and 360 approach to spiritual formation. Through 1:1 spiritual coaching, family events and formation, and peer support, you’re able to grow spiritually in all areas of your life.

Lumen Benefits
  • Cultural Influence


You’ll find executive peers in Lumen who are dedicated to virtuous leadership – in their personal endeavors, community impact through the local chapter and through mentor relationships that help form the next generation of leaders.

Lumen Benefits

Leaders Across Industries

Our members are leaders in major companies across countless industries

Lumen Benefits

1:1 Spiritual Coaching

Dedicated Chaplains

Each chapter has a dedicated chaplain trained to provide spiritual coaching catered to the unique challenges and circumstances of being an executive.

Accountability & Support

Lumen Leadership Circles

Chapter members meet monthly to discuss one of Lumen’s Core Values, reflect on gospel, give support when needed and build lifelong bonds.

Community Impact

Lumen Action

Members are engaged in personal, chapter, and institutional activities to make the world a better place, guided by the principles of Catholic social doctrine.

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“I’ve had a wonderful opportunity with him [Kevin] being part Lumen, having time with the consecrated women, and in monthly Circles, we’d get together, it’s been a real blessing” – Terry Coughlin

Kevin Coughlin

Founding Partner of Coughlin Midlige & Garland LLP

Paivi Eck

National EA

Touchbase with our EA to get in touch with the local president and chaplain

(888) 673-3844

What Sets Lumen Apart

Deep & Long-Lasting Christ-Centered Relationships

What sets Lumen apart is that it goes beyond the formal handshake and social event in which other organizations tend to specialize. Lumen focuses on forming life-long virtuous friendships oriented toward strengthening close-knit relationships with each other and, most importantly, with Christ.

All Areas of Life

Lumen Chaplains, consecrated women, and fellow members support and hold each other accountable in all areas of life – your career, your family, and your prayer life.

Networking Locally and Beyond

Is Lumen Right for You?

If you’re seeking to form yourself and other Christian leaders illuminating society with the light of Christ, we’d love to chat.

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By being with like minded Catholics, Lumen challenges me to live my faith more fully at work, in the community and most importantly with my wife and family.

Bob Rooney

Senior Financial Advisor, RGR Advisors