Benefits of Membership

Lumen offers its members a highly personalized formation and delivers this via a concrete Value Proposition. Lumen seeks to transform not only the life of the member, but also to offer value to the whole family. Therefore, aside from the Lumen Coaching, Lumen Circles, and Lumen speaker events for the members, the chaplains are available to coach the spouses and children as well. The below list presents what Lumen offers to the Lumen Member, the spouse and children. Of course, the frequency of which each member avails of these benefits is up to the discretion of the member.

Lumen Value Proposition – Illustrative Chapter and Chaplain Touch Points
Total by Member
Member Spiritual Coaching 10
Leadership Circle 10
Speaker Series 2
Lumen Action 2
Other (BBC/Retr) 2
Spouse Spiritual Coaching 10
Growing in Faith Together (Gift) Activity 8
2 Children Spiritual Coaching 4
Family Dinners 2

Membership Info

What is the annual Lumen Membership and what are benefits provided?

The annual membership dues are $5000. One can expect to receive the following for dues paid: MIN

  1. Chaplain Spiritual Coaching Sessions – 10
  2. Leadership Circle Meetings – 10
  3. National Retreat – 1
  4. Lumen Leadership Speaker Series – 2
  5. Chapter-wide Retreat – 1
  6. Chapter-wide Social Events – 2
  7. Spouse and Children Coaching – 1
  8. Bible Boot Camp Retreat – 1

Do I have to participate in all Lumen activities?

No. That being said, members do make gathering for the purposes of formation a strong mutual commitment. Strong organizations rely on members prioritizing its activities in as much as business and personal commitments allow. Rising above all other opportunities (because of their impact on the individual and group) are Spiritual Coaching and the Leadership Circle. To omit those two elements is to forego the very essence of the Lumen experience.

Can my family get involved?

Yes. Although Lumen is meant to provide formation particularly for its members, spouses too are invited to participate when special occasions arise. Opportunities for family members to receive spiritual coaching from the chaplain are made available upon request. Separately, the Legionaries and Regnum Christi Movement offer a host of formative events for people single and married – young and old.

How can one satisfy membership dues and are they tax deductible?

Membership dues can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly via check (personal or company), or major credit card. Goods and services account for approximately $2500 of the annual dues. Therefore, the remaining $2500 may be eligible for classification as a charitable contribution to Lumen Institute Inc. (IRS Section 501C3 NPO). A charitable donation recognition letter is available from Lumen National upon request. Each member should consult with their tax advisor on this matter.

Apply For Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Paivi Eck @ or call 888-673-3844 to get more information.