About Plan 2040

Plan 2040 is a visionary initiative designed to ensure that every child born in the town of Cuatro Ciénegas from January 1st, 2017, onwards, can lead a fulfilling life and break the cycle of poverty.

This comprehensive strategy is built on five foundational pillars: health, education, family, spirituality, and employment. To bring this ambitious plan to life, a dedicated team of 40 full-time staff members provides educational resources and ongoing support to the community, fostering an environment where every child has the chance to thrive.

Between April 4-9, a group of Lumen Members, including their spouses and children, set out on a Lumen Action journey to help advance the Plan 2040 mission in Cuatro Ciénegas. They connected with local families and learned how a dedicated and strategic approach can lead to deep-rooted change within a community.

Published On: April 15th, 2024 /