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Catholic Formation and Fellowship in All Areas of Life

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Grow in Character, Faith, and Leadership


You’re a leader of your organization, but also the leader of your Domestic Church

It’s your responsibility to do all you can to bring your spouse, parents, children, and grandchildren into God’s kingdom. Lumen recognizes that call and helps its members fulfill it.

Benefits for Your Spouse & Family

Do you feel like the bonds in your family have been loosening? Are you concerned with your family falling away from the faith? Lumen provides you with tools, resources, and knowledge to help grow together towards Christ.

Lumen Spouses

Spiritual coaching for members’ spouses

Family Dinners

Chaplains or consecrated entering a more familial relationship over dinner

Family Mission Trips

Family trips serving those in need domestically and abroad


Guided pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other holy destinations.

Impact Your Local Community

Lumen Action

Our members’ have already made an impact in their professional lives and they use that same creativity to see where their local community is in need. Examples include teaming up with fellow members to serve the poor, teach virtuous business to the community, evangelization projects, and more.


Lumen is dedicated to help form the next generation of leaders. We do this through the Lumen Fellowship Program. It is directed toward working young professionals who own their own business or are in a position of management, as well as those who demonstrate significant leadership potential. Lumen members are paired with “fellows” to help them navigate their journey becoming a virtuous business leader.

Member Experience

In the seven years that I’ve belonged to Lumen, I’ve enjoyed so much of what Lumen has to offer. The monthly leadership circles and spiritual coaching are just the tip of the iceberg. Between the community, Lumen actions, speaker series, consecrated women retreats, Fellows program, and special events such as the biennial Lumen Summit, my entire family has been able to participate as well.

Patrick Mcgeough

Retired Business Owner

Spouse Experience

Lumen has been a family of faith and communal formation. It is a family of friends in a spirit of love, joy, and hope, and has enriched our lives. We are all pilgrims journeying together seeking the promise of eternal life.

Sue Stone

Lumen Spouse

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