Deep Relationships Leading Closer to Christ

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together

  • With Christ

  • With Family, Friends, and Colleagues

  • With Fellow Members

“I am able to be a Catholic voice in the workplace where before I didn’t have that confidence.”

Frank Hallinan

Partner at Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones

Our Focus is on Formation to Build Your Relationship with Christ

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Walk with Peers in Fellowship Along Your Journey

Relationships oriented toward the good

Shared Life Context

Influential leaders who shoulder the burdens of leadership

Deep Virtuous Friendships

Making it less lonely at the top

Long-Term Relationships

Breaking the superficial meet & greet culture

Family Integration

Bring your family back and/or deeper into the faith.

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Helping Navigate Your Unique Waters of Life as an Executive

So few understand your goals and burdens and fewer are deeply vested in helping you through them.

Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself

  • How do I ensure the business decision I’m considering is right and virtuous?

  • How do I handle succession planning?

  • How do I make the best use of my resources to fulfill my vocation?

  • I feel like I’ve been called deeper into my faith life, but how do I navigate it?

  • How are other Catholic business leaders making a difference in their company and community?

Lumen National Speaker Series

His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan

How Lumen Helps You

Personal Spiritual Coaching

Coaching that integrates faith into your everyday life – personal and professional.

Leadership Circle

Monthly in-person meetings with executive peers to discuss and grow together.

Local & National Speaker Series

Learning from relevant and prominent leaders across industries and topics.

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Lumen National Speaker Series

Meg Meeker: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

Questions You Might Be Asking For Your Spouse and Family

  • Our children are drifting from the Faith – what should we do?

  • How do I navigate this family crisis?

  • What considerations should I be making when leaving behind the gifts and resources that God has given to me?

How Lumen Helps Your Spouse & Family

Lumen Spouses

Spiritual coaching, circle meetings, retreats and workshops

Family Dinners

Attending family dinners to build genuine relationships with the whole family

Family Mission Trips

Providing joint experiences that create memories oriented toward God

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Questions You Might Be Asking to Impact Your Broader Community

  • How can I make an impact on my local community?

  • How can I grow in virtuous relationships with others while volunteering my time?

  • How can I help develop the next generation of Catholic business leaders?

Lumen National Speaker Series

US Representative Jodey Arrington: Defending America’s Values, Culture and Heritage

How Lumen Helps the Community and Next Generation

Lumen Action

Lumen provides grants to its members to engage in their community in various ways guided by the principles of Catholic social doctrine.


Helping to form the next generation of Catholic leaders through the Lumen Fellowship Program.

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“I became closer to God and praying my rosary…It strengthens our faith. That’s the best thing because our goal after this is to be with Him. ”

Joey & Gina Se

CFO & CEO of GHP Professional Health Services

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