The Sacrament of Baptism

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Description of the Lumen Pin and what it symbolizes for the Lumen Member

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Upon entering Lumen you will be pinned with the Lumen Insignia which will remind you of the central mission of Lumen – to enlighten you with Christ’s living gospel, give you an integral formation through the Lumen Virtues and so prepare you to be light for your family, business and community. The Meeting table – Our Lumen insignia represent a board meeting – four individuals seated around a table, planning, evaluating and projecting. It symbolizes when we come together to realize something bigger than ourselves for the good of others, be that our employees, shareholders, family or community. It enables us to be a light and influence for the world around us. In Lumen we do this through our monthly Lumen Leadership Circle. The Four Dots – represent the individual person who is at the heart of Lumen. Each member receives a personalized formation to help him/her achieve balance, success and spiritual growth in all facets of his/her life. When the individual is healthy so will the group be. Lumen member receives Lumen coaching from a legionary of Christ priest who excels in personal formation. Lumen Coaching offers him/her a Business Plan for the Soul. He/she can thus establish a game plan for personal growth in virtue and, with prayer and reflection, be empowered to become a light in the darkness. The L or V – The four L or V that unite the individuals around the table, represent the Core Lumen Virtues. Each area of Character, Faith and Leadership has four related virtues: Character – Prudence, Perseverance, Fairness, Self-Mastery Faith – Spiritual Drive, Prayer, Stewardship, Confidence in God Leadership – Excellence, Integrity, Magnanimity, Influence These virtues, integrated in the life of the Lumen Member, transforms him/her first with the light of Christ and renews his/hers primary relationship as husband, father and apostle. The Cross – These dots and virtues unite around the cross. Christ is the ideal of virtue and love which we strive to imitate. Without Christ at our core and center of all we do, our integral formation would be merely self-serving. With Him, however, we are called and sent out. As Lumen members, we commit to do some form of Lumen Action to bring the light of Christ to others in socially impactful ways. We give a particular focus to mentoring the next generation of Christian business leaders via our Lumen Fellowship Program and other forms of mentoring young business professionals.  

Rebuilding Homes for the Needy: The Christian Thing to Do

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A special thanks to Steve and Evelyn Auth from Regnum Christi for contributing to my recent LifeZette article:

Walking in Rye (video)

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Speak Truths Sweetly

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Dear Friends of Lumen, “To speak truths sweetly is to throw burning coals, or rather roses, into a person’s face. How can anyone be angry with another who fights him with pearls and diamonds?” -Saint Francis of Sales Pearls and diamonds. Beautiful images to capture my mom’s way of dealing with me as a kid and now as a priest. She is so considerate, so humble, so careful, so refined, so gracious, so deep and rich when she asks something of me, anything of me…I simply cannot say no to her dazzling and delightful approach! God bless,