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Lumen's Mission is to enhance the character, faith, and leadership skills of today’s business and cultural leaders through guided training and education.

What is Lumen Institute?

Lumen Institute is an organization that provides highly personalized formation for leaders.

What is Formation?

Formation involves guiding, training and educating each member in an integral way. This guidance has four dimensions: human formation (as it pertains to character development), spiritual formation (rearing of the soul), intellectual formation (to grasp reason and revelation) and apostolic formation (to put one’s talents at the service of others).

What are Lumen’s Core Values?

Lumen has identified three specific areas where it seeks to form and strengthen its members: Character – Faith – Leadership. Within each category lay more specific values, as follows:


  • Prudence – sound judgment in determining action.
  • Perseverance – a strong commitment to overcoming all obstacles.
  • Fairness – giving God and others their due in thought, word, and deed.
  • Self-Mastery – controlling one’s passions amid personal drive and success.


  • Spiritual Drive – a firm desire to live one’s faith in thought and action.
  • Prayer – regular communication with God seeking His will and friendship.
  • Stewardship – maximizing personal and professional resources entrusted by God.
  • Confidence in God – a willingness to place trust in the hands of Providence.


  • Excellence – the pursuit of distinction in business, family, and community life.
  • Integrity – consistency between what one professes to be and how one lives.
  • Magnanimity – commitment to serve by putting others’ needs first.
  • Influence – moving others to think and act uprightly through conscientious effort.

What is the goal of formation?

The primary goal of formation is to help each member know what is truly best for him/her. This would include acquiring the habits of truth (in business and personal life), goodness (in thought and action), beauty (in respecting created things) and unity (by being one person of character inside and out).

Why is Lumen’s formation highly personalized?

Each member of Lumen Institute, by virtue of his call to lead, carries a heavy cross. Thus, Lumen seeks to provide these high impact individuals with attention commensurate to their leadership responsibility.

What constitutes highly personalized formation?

Members are given formative opportunities by way of

  1. Spiritual Coaching
  2. Leadership Circles
  3. Speaker Series
  4. Issues in Play
  5. Special Events

What do members commit to?

Members commit to:

  1. Living by Lumen’s core values of character, faith and leadership,
  2. Persevering in formation offered through the Institute,
  3. Engaging in projects that help exercise their influence and re-shape culture, and
  4. Financially supporting Lumen’s administration and leadership initiatives according to one’s ability and means, minimally through an annual membership fee.

Is there any activity that non-members may attend to learn more?

Yes. Our Lumen Leadership Speaker Series™ is an event open to all individuals interested in learning more about the qualities inherent to leadership.


What are Lumen’s Core Values?

Lumen has identified three specific areas where it seeks to form and strengthen its members: Character – Faith – Leadership. Within each category lay more specific values… Lumen seeks to associate leaders who recognize the need and strive to live in accordance with Lumen’s Core Values of CHARACTER – FAITH – LEADERSHIP

Lumen Membership


Lumen Chapters are currently in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Manhattan, Washington DC. If you would like to be connected to local chapter leadership, please contact us.
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Fr. Mark Haydu
National Chaplain
Fr. Shawn Aaron LC
Stephen Auth
Patrick Baugier
Fr. John Connor LC
Daniel D'Aniello
J. Christopher Donahue
David Hanna
James Hislop
Vice Chairman

Spiritual Coaching

What is it?

Retaining a personal and professional coach is almost a given among today’s top business leaders. Some studies suggest that as many as 85% of executives meet regularly with a coach. Through Lumen’s chaplaincy, directed by priests of the Legionaries of Christ, members have access to a different type of personal coaching – one that is focused primarily on spiritual formation. Spiritual coaching goes way beyond the pursuit of professional goals, and emphasizes growth in faith and character. In these sessions, members identify their strengths and weaknesses in living out Lumen’s core values such as integrity and excellence. The spiritual coach works with the member to discern motives and identify areas for improvement. The member then creates a blueprint for better living and greater capacity for leadership. They use an exclusive tool offered through Lumen called the Business Plan for the Soul. During subsequent sessions, the member adds to and refines this business plan to reflect successes in his personal development and to identify new opportunities for growth.