Lumen Key Benefits of Membership


Personal Spiritual Coaching

85% of top executives find value in meeting regularly with a life coach. When you are a member of Lumen, you have access to regular personal coaching sessions provided by Lumen's Chaplaincy directed by the Legion of Christ. With Support from your spiritual coach you will build a working blueprint for better living and greater capacity for leadership using a proprietary Lumen tool. Coaching is also available to spouses and teenaged children of the member.


Leadership Circle

Member's have regular gatherings in small groups to identify the virtuous life of Christ in the Gospel as well as discuss members pressing leadership challenges from a moral and ethical point of view. The format is open, yet confidential. A personal self-assessment allows you the time for personal review on your growth in the Lumen 12 Core Values.


Speaker Series

Lumen provides ample opportunities to hear from highly respected speakers in the areas of business and culture to assimilate from today’s most recognized influencers the qualities inherent to leadership.


Fellowship Program

Lumen Fellows are an outreach of the Lumen Institute for young men and women in their 20’s and 30’s. Fellows meet with peers for monthly leadership circles, regular spiritual coaching with a Legionary of Christ chaplain and receive one-on-one mentorship from a regular Lumen member.


Lumen Action

Lumen members are called to be the salt of the earth and a beacon of light at home, at work and within their community. Lumen is at the forefront of faith based leadership, leading the way through mentoring the next generation of business leaders. All members are actively engaged in mentoring activities and each member is encouraged to mentor a Lumen fellow and other future leaders.


Annual Summit

The Annual Lumen Summit is an opportunity for members throughout the country to gather  together for a weekend. During the Summit, the members and their spouses are able to enjoy great speakers, share wonderful meals and get to know members from all our chapters. 


Lumen Wives

Lumen cares for the entire family. The spouses of the members are able to take advantage of circles for the wives and personalized spiritual coaching with a Chaplain or Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi.



These annual gatherings offer the opportunity to quietly reflect of the individual’s spirituality in a relaxed and uninterrupted atmosphere. These sessions are normally small in size and offers the chance for spiritual direction, reflection and the sharing of ideas and challenges with other members.



These trips offer the opportunity for members and their families to see firsthand the important religious sites. The Chaplains help coordinate Mass and other spiritual events that a regular tourist would not normally experience.


Family Mission Trips

Each year Chaplains arrange family mission trips throughout the world.  El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico. are served by member families.  Stateside Missions are ongoing in  New Orleans, Montana (American Indian Reservation), Kensington, Philadelphia and Washington DC. These experiences are  life changing for many  Lumen families .


Social Activities

The Annual Lumen Christmas Dinner with spouses is one highlight of Lumen’s social activities. Golf outings, Couples Valentines Day celebrations and other events  enable members to gather in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.


Spiritual Growth

The Legionaries of Christ and the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi serve Lumen Members and their families throughout the year. They support the Lumen Members and their spouses with spiritual coaching and are present for the whole family as well, helping them to live in the true freedom of Christ: joyful and strong in work and family life.