Lumen Leadership Circle


Members participate in an open yet confidential monthly forum (called a Lumen Circle) where you have the chance to accompany like minded peers and reflect on Lumen’s core values as lived in daily life. The circle dives into a discussion of the virtue of the month, and the members discuss its relevance in a bible passage while seeing it come to life in a case study. A self-assessment and resolution called a Lumen Action help members to transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

March 2020 Circle Materials

Lumen Leadership Prayer


Jesus Lord and Master,

you are wise and good,

the greatest of leaders.

In your wisdom you have given me power to influence others. 

Help me to use it well today;

Not for my glory, but for yours;

Not for my good, but for theirs;

Not for pleasure, but for justice;

Not for money, but for true wealth.

For I know that when my life is over,

All that will last is what I achieved for you and for my neighbor.