Spiritual Coach - Washington DC

Fr. Michael Sliney, LC

Fr Sliney’s spent 19 years of priestly ministry serving youth and families. He started The Leadership Training Program in the greater DC area in 1997, with the focus on forming men and women of both character and a deep Faith. He was the regional coordinator for over 20 youth programs, ranging from elementary school to high school and college; culminating in a vibrant group of young professionals. Over 2,500 boys and girls have benefited from these youth programs. His pastoral experience with these youth included outreach to the homeless, supporting the needs of the local Boys and Girls Clubs and annual national mission trips to an Indian reservation in Montana and St. Michael’s special needs school in New Orleans, as well international mission trips to Mexico and El Salvador to help impoverished rural communities. He has also coordinated several ecumenical youth groups both in DC and recently in Greenwich, CT., trying to bridge the religious gap, with the common goal of living virtue and giving back to the under privileged.

His last ten years of ministry have been as the Chaplain for the Lumen Institute. His spiritual coaching is centered around helping the members find that proper balance to make space for God, family and outreach within the busyness of their daily lives.

Fr. Sliney is active on social media and writes regularly for various media outlets such as Lifezette. 

In his free time he is a marathon runner and enjoys playing golf.