Fellowship Program


The Lumen Fellowship or Fellows program is focused on young professionals that are interested in highly personalized Christian leadership development in order to help them be Christ-like in their interactions with family, friends, business associates and others in an attempt to transform culture one by one.

The program is sponsored by the Lumen Institute which gives individual spiritual direction to business leaders around the US. The Fellowship formation is based on the core values of Lumen: Faith, Character and Leadership. The program is directed to young men and women who are working, own their own business or are in a position of management as well as those who have demonstrated leadership ability. We have segmented the program into 2 group by age; Junior fellows 23-28 and Senior fellows 29-35.

The benefits of the Fellowship program includes 10 Leadership meetings (Circles) over the course of a year, spiritual coaching 6 times per year, mentoring from a Lumen member (hopefully in a similar industry) and ability to attend Lumen speaker series, retreats the annual summit and Christmas party.

A prospective member can apply by completing the Lumen Fellowship application found on this website and must have two Lumen Institute sponsors (can include Lumen Chaplain as sponsor) to be admitted. There is an expectation that Fellowship members commit to join existing Lumen Action projects that include mentoring younger people, mission trips, feeding the homeless, etc.  It is also encouraged to assist in ministries in your individual parish.

The Fellowship program has annual dues of $600 for the junior group and $900 for the seniors. If a prospective applicant has any questions they can contact Paivi Eck, Lumen Administrator at 917 287-8074 or Paivi.eck@trpfund.com

Fellows sharing an evening of faith with Mark Teixiera