Lumen's 12 Core Values



1. PRUDENCE | Sound judgement in determining actions

2. PERSEVERANCE | A strong commitment to overcoming all obstacles.

3. FAIRNESS | Giving God and others their dues through work and deed.

4. SELF-MASTERY | Controlling one's passions amid personal drive and success.


5. SPIRITUAL DRIVE | Actively living one's faith in thought, word and action.

6. PRAYER | Regarding communication with God, humbly seeking His will and friendship.

7. STEWARDSHIP | Maximizing personal and professional resources entrusted by God.

8. CONFIDENCE IN GOD | A willingness to place trust in the hand of Providence.


9. EXCELLENCE | The pursuit of distinction in business, family and community life.

10. INTEGRITY | Consistency in what one professes to be and how one lives.

11. MAGNANIMITY | Serving others by putting their needs first.

12. INFLUENCE | Moving others to think and act virtuously through conscientious effort.