A great time at Penn Station

7 of us, Paul, Whitney, Zeke, Rick, Arnaud, Derek and Pierre met at 11:30. We walked around the station and met Michael, Jehovah, Marie, Mildred, and Lamar. We invited them for a lunch in the station’s food hall, where we enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. It took time for Michael to feel comfortable with our invitation. He doesn’t have many teeth left and had to ask for a soup instead. Pierre took him to Pret to get one, and the two of them met there Mary, a tourist from Dallas, discovering New York for the first time and intrigued to see Pierre and Michael having fun and hugging each other. See some pictures of this blessed time below. Jehovah is a fan of the Blues Brothers and used to play the saxophone, Mildred is expecting a baby boy and proudly called Lamar her soon-to-be husband, Marie prefers crispy chicken sandwiches to pieces of chicken, we’ll know it for next time. See some pictures of this blessed time below, and let us know if you want to join next time, the list is building up already, we’ll be sold out soon.

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